Freeport to begin voluntary strength and conditioning sessions Tuesday

Published: Jun. 13, 2020 at 10:08 PM CDT
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While it may not be exactly what high school coaches want, the IHSA has cracked the door open to allow teams to start workouts following strict guidelines. Freeport now gets set to join a few other area teams preparing for the fall season.

The Pretzels will begin voluntary team workouts starting on Tuesday. The district and Stephenson County Health Department approved the school's 'Return to Play' plan.

Football head coach Anthony Dedmond said he wants to make sure Freeport does everything right so there are no setbacks once teams can do sport-specific workouts.

Since the training sessions are focused on strength and conditioning, it gives Dedmond and other coaches a chance to work with other programs.

"Last year, we started with the baseball coach, Coach (Shaun) Dascher, came in and I was part of the committee he was part of," said Dedmond. "We wanted to focus on the entire athlete, not just one specific team or make it one specific workout."

"I think that was outstanding because now you got kids, on the dance team, that you never would have saw, that now know you as coach. Hey coach, how you doing? You got kids from bowling, you got kids from golf, that you never really would have paid attention to I guess. Now, those relationships are being built."