Boylan Grad Dean Lowry Signs 4-Year Deal with Packers

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – It’s an exciting day for Stateline sports with the region’s first NFL draft pick in eleven years making his debut at the Packers’ rookie camp.

Dean Lowry made a big move before he even took the field telling us that he officially signed his contract. The Boylan grad reportedly agreed to a 4-year deal worth more than $2.7 million with a $380,000 signing bonus.

With the paperwork finalized, Lowry finally got back to work on the field. There were no pads today, just a helmet for the light workout. While the practices are important for the rookies, a lot of the next few days are about learning their new playbook, teammates, and environment.
“Oh it’s awesome, Green Bay is a special place. It’s all about football here. I think that’s what the guys love about this city and this area. The packers mean a lot to this community and you can see it just by talking to the fans. It felt great wearing the ‘G’ on the helmet, great practice today,” says Lowry. “It was nice getting back to fundamentals and playing football again. Just driving by Lambeau Field and the tradition that Lambeau has and all of the great player that have played here. It’s a special place and you want to give your all to the organization and the state of Wisconsin.

The Northwestern star had an active first day. While some teams are shying away from a lot of on-the-field work in rookie camps, the Packers definitely aren’t one of them. After stretching Lowry went through a series of drills with Mike McCarthy and the coaching staff watching, the Packers aren’t in the business of wasting draft picks it’s expected the fourth rounder will get his chance with the green and gold soon enough. For now, he’s just trying to get settled.

“It’s the NFL now so I think everything moves faster and everyone knows their assignment at the highest level, so just picking up on that, picking up on the new keys of the NFL. It was pretty quick. I think the drills move pretty fast and it was up tempo and very energetic, just an overall great practice,” said Lowry. “Yeah, I mean Green Bay is a special place, it has a lot of tradition here, so I think it’s really important for the guys and the rookies to realize that and really take pride in being a Packer.”

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