Adam Cox: Flying with the Falcons

Adam Cox isn't your typical NFL player. The Stillman Valley grad comes from a small town playing for a small high school. When he walked on at Iowa there was a small chance that he'd ever get this far. Now he has a huge goal to achieve.

Adam Cox is packing a bag for Atlanta with his cleats, his pads and a dream. "It's just a lot of hoping and praying." The Stillman Valley native will be at the Falcons rookie camp trying to earn a spot on their roster."

"It was really exciting, really relieving. That whole process is really long and really drawn out. Just to be done with it and back to playing football is a real relief," Cox told me. But I'm really excited and i'm very thankful at the same time."

Adam realized his dream could become a reality after his sophomore season but getting that call from the Falcons is only step one. The deck is stacked against him. Undrafted free agents rarely make the final cut. Then again, college walk-ons don't transform into NFL prospects every day either.

"He's been through a pretty tough road already," Adam's high school coach Mike Lalor says. "I think sometimes if you are the scholarship player you can ease up on things for a few years. You're guaranteed to be on the team and he didn't have that. He really had to scratch every single night at practice just to make the team."

Cox: "I think it's really the same type of thing. I'll use the same mindset and same attitude going in. Really this is a walk-on, being undrafted."

Fullback is a specialized position, teams typically only carry one and they often play special teams too. Fortunately Adam can do everything the Falcons will ask.....He was an all-state linebacker at Stillman and blossomed into a sensational blocker with the Hawkeyes.

Lalor: "The more things I think any player can do, let alone himself, gives you that much better chance of landing on a roster and being more valuable to a team."

Throughout the next few days he'll need to be close to perfect, but no matter what happens, his cheering section will always be proud.

Lalor: "We're a little tiny town in the middle of nowhere for the most part so to have a young man of his character and quality make it was just a really exciting thing."

Cox: "There's just been so much support and I'm just thankful to everybody who has reached out and said congrats."

Adam's flying out tomorrow and he only bought a one way ticket hoping to stay in Atlanta and condition with the team long after this weekend.