Women of Today's Manufacturing Highlights Rockford Company

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- When you think of the manufacturing industry, we tend to think of it as a man's world, but that's just not the case for one Rockford business.

On Thursday the local non-profit group Women of Today's Manufacturing was at Reliable Machine Company, which is a certified women-owned small business in Rockford.

Gloria Pernacciaro is the second generation owner of the company which has been in town for 93 years. She says the business has grown from a little building to a 150,000 square foot facility and it's important for her to keep the business going.

"My dad came to this country in 1957, he chose Rockford because at the time it was the manufacturing capital of the world and as a second generation it's important to me that we continue that," Pernacciaro said.

Reliable Machine Company makes parts for everything from cars to lawmowers.

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