Woman Leaves Waitresses $15,000 Tip

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CALEDONIA (WIFR) -- You just never quite know when and where a random act of kindness is going to happen.

On this gloomy Saturday, three waitresses received the surprise of a lifetime while working at the Boone County Family Restaurant in the form of $15,000.

The day started just like any other for Amber Kariolich, Amy Sabani and Sarah Seckinger.

They were talking about bills and life when one woman asked for their names and promptly began jotting something down.

When she was done, she presented each of the girls with a check for $5,000, something that means the world to each of them.

"It means a lot," said Kariolich. "Well, we all want to go back to school. Everybody has bills and what not so it means a lot."

Kariolich was the waitress for the customer, who the restaurant is keeping anonymous, and the checks were a big surprise for Seckinger and Sabani, who were just standing nearby.

"I wasn't even waiting on her," said Seckinger. "I was just rolling silverware. We were talking about school and braces and loans and everything we can't afford and she just took it upon herself."

Tears quickly turned into joy for the girls who started to think about what they could do with the money.

Kariolich and Seckinger have school on their minds and as for Sabani, the check gives her a chance to one day pay it forward.

"I work two jobs and I have a little boy at home so maybe spend more time with him and do more things with him and just get ahead of myself," said Sabani. "I hope that one day I have the amount to do the same thing to somebody else."

The restaurant's owner, Matt Nebiu, was a little hesitant to believe the generous act was real so he called the bank and it confirmed that the checks are real.

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