Wipes Cause Plumbing Problems

STATELINE (WIFR) – Stateline towns have been experiencing some plumbing problems and it appears towel wipes are to blame.
These wipes are labeled as “flushable”, but in reality that means they just go down the drain. They’re not biodegradable. Once arriving at area wastewater plants, the wipes clog pumps and can cause thousands of dollars in damage. If left unfixed, knotted wipes can wipe out a small town’s entire sewage system.

“The best case scenario is they clog the pump up. The maintenance staff goes out and lifts the pump to remove those rags and put it back online. We have seen cases where these wipes and Swiffer like rags will actually get wound around the shaft of the pump and literally take the bearings out and destroy the pump,” said Warren Adam, Rock River Water Reclamation Supervisor.

Rock River Water Reclamation tells us the only thing we should be flushing down the drain is toilet paper.

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