Winnebago Man Loses Everything in Barn Fire

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More than 10 fire departments responded to a fire at a local barn Saturday morning. The barn and nearby trailer caught fire, now a man who lived in that trailer says he's glad to be alive.

“I could've been in there sleeping, because normally I would've been."

As Lee Townsend looks at what used to be his home, he says he's lucky to be alive. Townsend’s trailer and nearby barn are now in shambles, after a fire early this morning. From clothes, to shoes, everything he owns is now gone. “

First thing I thought of was getting here and saving the horses. They mean more to me than anything," said Townsend.

Thanks to several neighbors, those horses were saved from the burning barn. Although Townsend is relieved his animals survived, he says there are some things that can't be replaced.

"A friend of mine just died not too long ago and I had some stuff that belonged to him and that’s about it,” said Townsend.

Pete Castle actually owns the land and has been friends with Lee for more than 30 years. He believes the fire caused nearly $60,000 worth of damage to his property.

“They can be replaced I guess, people can't be replaced but material things can, you know," said Castle.

The Blackhawk Fire Department tells us the fire started in the trailer and spread to the barn. They're still unsure of a cause.

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