'Where Am I Wearing" Author visits Rockford

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Have you ever wondered where your t-shirts, underwear and flip flops are made an author who visited Rockford today took that curiosity to a whole new level.

For his new book ‘Where Am I Wearing?,” Kelsey Timmerman traveled to places like Burma Bangladesh Cambodia and China. Some of Timmerman's revelations are not surprising.

Such as the heart wrenching poverty and how much the average piece of American apparel is marked up.

What may surprise you is how much harm is done to manufacturers when overseas manufacturers are boycotted.

“Seventy-thousand workers in Cambodia, out of 300 thousand garment workers were laid off,” Timmerman said. “Now each one of those workers support on average six or seven people. So it's had a major impact on Cambodia's wealth. So I think we need to be concerned about our own situation. But still there's this poverty around the World that our actions can affect in positive and negative ways.”

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