Thrill Ride The Movie Films at Coco Keys in Rockford

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- A local indoor water park made quite a splash as it was used as a setting for a new movie.

Several scenes of the upcoming movie "Thrill Ride" were shot at Coco Keys Indoor Water Park in Rockford. The movie is based around three kids who sneak into a rundown amusement park on the hunt for Al Capone's hidden fortune. The idea for the movie came from Director Chris Parrish's late son Mason who died of a brain tumor.

"We would pitch stories and jokes to each other and Thrill Ride was his favorite and it was all his idea. So even when he was sick in the hospital we worked on it together," Parrish.

The movie is also being made for charity with 50% of the proceeds going to the Mason Parrish Foundation which funds pediatric brain tumor research.

"Thrill Ride" is set to come out around Christmas of 2015.

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