Gaulrapp and Reyes Still in the Congressional Race

Dec. 28 Updates:
Freeport’s Mayor George Gaulrapp held a press conference today to assure supporters he's in it until the end.

Gaulrapp will face off against two other Democrats in the March primary for the 17th District Congressional Seat: Cheri Bustos and Greg Aguilar both of the Quad Cities. Today's news comes in light of State Senator Dave Koehler's decision to drop out last month.

Eric Reyes is one potential democratic competitor who is now, not challenging Gaulrapp in the 17th district democrat primary in March.

The Quad City attorney has changed his political stripes. He now indicates he will run in the fall general election for the seat as an independent.

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- For the first time since 1850—no need to pull out your calculators, that’s more than 160 years--Rockford will be represented by more than one congressman. The March 20 primary fields for the new 16th and 17th districts are now final. Today was the last day for contenders to file for candidacy.

You can use the interactive map included below to reference all visual examples in this story.

Two incumbents are going head to head in the newly re-drawn 16th District: republicans Adam Kinzinger and Don Manzullo. No democrats have entered the race.

In the 17th District, four democrats will face off. They include: Greg Aguilar and Cheri Bustos from the quad cities; Freeport's Mayor George Gaulrapp; and Attorney Eric Reyes has also announced his intent to run but still needs to file. Republican incumbent Bobby Schilling is running unopposed.

Here’s a look at the new 16th and 17th districts (see the map below). As you can see there are major changes. All of Stephenson County and much of Rockford will no longer be voting for or against congressman Manzullo. These voters will be paired with voters to the west and southwest of Rockford

Take a look at the Rockford boundaries for the congressional districts. Most of the west, north, and southern parts of the city are in the new 17th. The new 16th district encompasses the northern, eastern and eastern parts of Winnebago county including some of the city's eastside.