The Price is Right Live at the Coronado

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Rockford (WIFR) -- One of America's most popular game shows made its first ever stop in Rockford making the price is right for everyone that showed up.

Three iconic words we've all hoped to hear our name connected to. Andy Martello is the lucky guy who goes around the country saying come on down for The Price is Right Live, but today is special for the Marengo native.

"For me this is homecoming. It's magic. It's a great day. I've been looking forward to this since they told me about it,” says Martello.

Martello says it's an honor to make an impact on people's lives.

"There are no more iconic words in television than come on down and when you’re the guy that says that every single day, every single show, they come up to me after words and say I've waited my whole life to hear my name and come on down."

Inside of the Coronado thousands watched as more than a dozen contestants played some of our favorite games like Pick Any Number and Cliffhanger's which a lucky player won. Prizes were anything from cold hard cash, to a trip to Vegas.

Earlier in the day hundreds of people lined up outside of the Coronado Theatre in Downtown Rockford registering to get on the show. David Stukenberg stood in line for an hour.

"We've often dreamed about even going out and watching it. So, it's a real treat for them to come to Rockford like this," says Stukenberg.

The Price is Right Live has been touring the country for more than 10 years with host Todd Newton, but this is its first stop in Rockford.

"We could be in Chicago. We could be in Rockford. We could be in St. Louis. We could be in Joplin, Missouri. It doesn't make any difference. We just want to come out and do what we do and make the experience as memorable for people as possible," says Newton.

Meanwhile, Stukenberg says whether or not he makes it to the showcase showdown, the show left a lasting impression.

"It's a good community builder. Everybody is excited and hopefully they'll do it again someday."

Tonight's show was the last stop of the tour for The Price is Right Live, which sold out almost immediately, bringing in almost twenty five hundred people.

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