SwedishAmerican Gets New Birthing Simulator

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Medical personnel are training for situations in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly in the delivery room.

SwedishAmerican Hospital has a new high-tech simulator, named Victoria, that makes sure health professionals are as prepared as possible when delivering babies.

"I know that if I was a mom or expecting to be a mom, I'd like to know that my nurses were educated to the highest of standards," says Cassie Farrell, a Registered Nurse at SwedishAmerican.

The life-sized training robot helps registered nurses and medical personnel like Cassie Farrell prepare for a variety of scenarios that may happen during childbirth.

"Anything can come through the door at any time," explains Farrell, "so I like being presented with the clinical situation in a safe setting, where it's okay to make mistakes and learn from them before it happens in the real world."

Victoria's pregnancy includes realistic anatomy, including the placenta.

"You can actually palpate contractions, you can feel her pulses, she can actually deliver a baby, you can work on different delivery scenarios, we can perform C-sections, give medications," says Mary O'Meara, RN.

"We don't always get these examples or scenarios in real life, so it's something we need to make sure our nurses can provide the highest level of care," explains the Nurse Manager of Labor and Delivery, RNC-OB, RSN.

Once Victoria delivers her baby, that's when baby Hal comes in. Baby Hal is the newborn simulator.

"It gives our nurses experience with neo-natal emergencies, resuscitation, and gain critical thinking skills," says Angie Anderson, Nurse Educator for the Special Care Nursery.

Farrell takes away something new after every simulation, that she says will help prepare her for real-life situations.

"Even though I know it's a simulator, I know it's fake, You're still shaking. You're still nervous in that moment. Those few minutes, even in a code, you feel like it's a real patient," says Farrell, "My heart and soul goes into it."

SwedishAmerican says they deliver about 200 babies a month, which is about twice as many as other hospitals in Rockford. SwedishAmerican plans on having training sessions with all of the medical personnel in the Labor & Delivery department, Mother/Baby Department, and Special Care Nursery once a month.

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