State Lawmaker Reacts to Redistricting Map

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- State democrats have released a map of their proposal for new legislative districts. But the new lines could force a local lawmaker out of his home.

The 34th district is dramatically impacted by the plan and is shrunk to mainly the city of Rockford, while surrounding districts get geographically larger. Republican State Senator Dave Syverson says the proposed redistricting draws him out of the 34th district and into the 35th district, which stretches into northern Winnebago county. That senate seat is currently held by Christine Johnson. This leaves senator Syverson with two options., run for office in the new district or move. And that's something he says he doesn't want to do. He already moved ten years ago to keep his seat, which was the last time lines were re-drawn.

"It is difficult over my 20 years to be forced to sell a home, you know I've had to do that before, and I'd certainly choose not to do that," Syverson said.

Illinois is also set to lose one of its 19 U.S. house seats because of population shifts.

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