Rosecrance Triage Center Helps Hundreds

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- It's been two months since the Rosecrance Triage Center opened in Rockford. Even after the Singer Center closed in late October, hundreds of mentally ill Stateliners are getting the help they need.

Since it opened, the Rosecrance Triage Center has helped more than two hundred mentally ill people. It allows Stateliners to be evaluated immediately in order to figure out the best level of care.

More than one hundred residents were evaluated in December and most cases were referred to the center by police officers and hospitals. The center is open 24 hours and includes a staff of a social worker, counselor, and nurse. Last month, nearly 70% of patients were treated and sent home. Mary Anne Abatee is Vice President for Community Mental Health. She says they’ve received positive feedback.

“You know you can always modify as time goes by, but I think the idea of having a centralized front door and access for people in psychiatric crisis is something this community desperately needed.

Abatee says even after patients are sent home, they can get out-patient services, including going to a local or state hospital, or going to a crisis residential center where they can stay up to 14 days.

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