Rosecrance Mulberry Center Ready to Open

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Too many patients struggling with bipolar disorder or similar conditions can end up in a jail cell or the streets of Rockford. But now, a first of its kind treatment center is debuting in Rockford to help patients and their families handle the highs and lows of mental illness.

The new facility combines two existing Rosecrance programs, putting them under one roof so in case a patient needs to transition, it’s a smooth process. The Rosecrance Mulberry Center has seven spots in the triage program that is used when there’s an emergency and patient needs somewhere to stay for a day.

There’s another 12 beds for the residential program where patients say up to 14 days. In the last year, Rosecrance has helped nearly 1,500 people at its current triage center and more than 350 people through the residential program. With the extra beds and space at the new center, those numbers are expected to grow.

“It pulls together all the professional resources necessary – nursing, counseling, psychiatrists that will begin the process of stabilization. We stabilize and network into the community for continued intervention and services.”

Rosecrance also added 4 beds for a new program that will offer detox for patients dealing with both a mental illness and rug or alcohol addiction.

At least six staff members will be on site at a time, plus an on-call psychiatrist. Rosecrance built the new center using a state grant for $1.5 million.

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