Rosecrance Cuts Triage Center Hours Due to Budget Impasse

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The budget impasse may mean hundreds of people in the Stateline will no longer get the mental health services they need late at night.

The Rosecrance Triage Center will soon no longer be working around the clock, forcing those enduring tough mental health situations to find help somewhere else.

The Rosecrance Mulberry Center location is cutting its triage hours starting on Monday.

The crisis center provides treatment for the mentally ill. The triage will only be open from 12 p.m. – 11 p.m. daily. The group hasn’t gotten any funding since the start of the fiscal year.

Jean Anderson’s daughter went to the Rosecrance Triage Center for help earlier this year and says the program helped save her child’s life.

“I know with my daughter that timing is very important. When she is ready to get help, that’s when you need to be at the place. If they would have not been able to accept her, I don’t know where she would have gone or what she would have done at that point,” says Anderson.

“I think it’s really time that our legislative leadership really needs to step up and start establishing some priorities and demanding that we had some of these issues addressed back home in our community,” said President/CEO of Rosecrance Health Network Phil Eaton.

No employees have been laid off because of the impasse. They’ve just been transferred to other Rosecrance location.

The detox and residential center will remain open 24/7. Rosecrance will reevaluate the funding situation and triage hours in December.

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