Rosecrance Breathes New Life Into Old Building

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The mentally ill and those suffering from drug addictions now have a new place to get help.

After seven years of being an eyesore, Rosecrance is giving this building on North Main Street new life and the new Ware Center’s administrator, Anne Fridh hopes it will change the lives of thousands.

“Coming together under one roof helps us because that way we’re able to communicate and work together as a team and offer that best service and have a better continuity of care,” said Fridh.

Rosecrance cut the ribbon on its new facility this morning where 100 employees will be able to treat an average of 5,500 clients a year in a more efficient and more comforting environment. Recovery Tech Bonnie Gilmore says this is a perfect setting for clients to better themselves.

“The clients are going to move full force, fiercely on working on their recovery, the areas that they had challenges and barriers, they’re going to see more opportunities and access to do it being here,” says Gilmore.

The Ware Center has a pharmacy, an art studio, chapel and dozens of other rooms for group sessions and treatment.

Fridh believes whatever your ailment, they have someone to lend a helping hand.

“No wrong door here. Anybody who comes through our door will be assessed and we’ll determine what they need and get them the best help that we can offer,”

Those assessments can begin on Monday when Rosecrance officially opens its doors at 7 a.m.

Rosecrance will officially move out of the old Ware Center on Monday when it opens the doors on the North Main Street location. Their River District and Court Street

Programs will be joining on December 5th. The Rockford Police Department is expected to move into the old building, but before they can take Rosecrance’s place, they will need City Council approval.

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