Rockford Candle Promotes Positivity

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – After making the most miserable city list and dangerous neighborhoods list, one local business decided it’s time to transform Rockford’s image by selling candles with a positive message.

Local candle makers “Candle Crest” created the Rockford candle in response to the Forbes Magazine ranking of Rockford being the third most miserable city in America. The couple that owns the business says they want folks to have more pride for their city, start being part of the solution by being proactive, and hope the message on the side of the candle speaks to everyone.

“We want to put some positivity back in our community. Too much negativity is going on and we need to change it. We want people to get involved in their community, you know, get out and do some volunteer work or find another way to give back to your community to make Rockford better, said Judy Bieck with Candle Crest.

They are not just selling the candles. Half of the profits from every Rockford candle goes to the Rock River Valley Food Pantry.