UPDATE: Rock County Sheriff's Office Reporting Software Bug; Offers Solution

UPDATE: ROCK COUNTY (WIFR) – A free internet program meant to keep kids safe, could actually be doing more harm than good.

The Rock County Sheriff’s Department says when we use what they’re calling a “key logger” function, our information is unprotected.
To reduce the potential of a security breach, the Sheriff’s Office recommends the following steps to turn off the keystroke logging feature:

Click on the icon that says “Chat/Email,” and simply do not agree to the terms of service regarding privacy to install “Key Alert”. If you have already agreed to install “Key Alert” previously, click “Chat/Email” button to the right, and click on “Uninstall Key Alert” to remove it from you system. (Mac users, this appears at the bottom of your screen.) Finally, when not using Computer Cop software, it is advised that you remove the disc from the computer.

There have been no problems or complaints with the copies of Computer Cop that have been distributed by the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office believes Computer Cop is still a valuable tool for parents to monitor children’s activity and to ensure that they are using the internet in a safe manner.

ROCK COUNTY (WIFR) -- Parents can now keep tabs on what our kids are looking at online with free software.

Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden is introducing Computer Cop, a new, free monitoring software that checks our computers for sexually explicit words and inappropriate pictures or videos.

Sheriff Spoden says this will help protect kids from online sexual predators and cyber bullies.

"Parents I think, to a certain degree, feel frustrated and feel like they have a lack of control over really a device that can be really dangerous. Obviously it has a lot of wonderful information. but we all know today, there are people out there that want to hurt our children are out there," said Sheriff Spoden.

For more information, call the Rock County Sheriff's office at (608) 757-7919 or visit the Computer Cop website in the related links section.

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