Manufacturing Plant Moving to Dixon

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DIXON (WIFR) -- Some new jobs are coming to town. A Maryland company says it will relocate its Mexico manufacturing plant to Dixon.

SGS Refrigeration has bought a property off of Progress Drive. Over the next few weeks, workers will start to make the necessary upgrades. SGS hopes to start production in late spring or early summer. They manufacture industrial cooling equipment and over the next three or four yoears, they hope to add 100 jobs or so. SGS’s president says those jobs should be easy to fill.

"We did look at one or two other places here in the U.S., but they didn't have the same appeal as far as having a talented and skilled workforce being available,” said SGS President, Peter Speller.

SGS isn’t taking applications just yet. They say when they can get a permanent office up and running, they’ll start the hiring process. We will continue to update you on this as we learn more.

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