Local Company Creating E-Cigarette Vending Machine

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FREEPORT (WIFR) – There are questions about their safety and effects on children, but more people throughout the country are using them and now a local manufacturing company is looking to cash in on the rising popularity of the e-cigarette industry.

Freeport Manufacturer, Seaga is trying to make a name in the e-cigarette vending machine market. They are just weeks away from beginning production on the “Vape Station”. It’s a new vending machine that takes a credit card swipe to vend the alternative way of getting a nicotine fix. The company says they’re mindful of all the concerns surrounding e-cigs and health but felt now was the time to make this machine.

“There’s a lot of stir and interest in the market, a lot of buzz, a lot of big business have invested in the industry and it’s definitely a growing industry. You’re starting see smokers transition away from smoking and get into the electronic cigarettes product,” said Kevin Horstman with Seaga Manufacturing Inc.

The company says they expect to sell 50 units in the first month of production, but hope to double that number soon and are focusing on selling the machine to bars, casinos, and any place that only serves customers that are of legal age.

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