Kids Gather to Meet Friends and Stand Up to Bullying

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Many students have to face the cruel taunts of bullies, but one parent has taken it upon herself to make sure those kids who are picked on know they're not alone.

Families came together for the second Stand Up to Bullying event at Alpine Park. While there were signs and lessons about being nice to others, Sunday’s gathering was more of a chance for kids to make new friends and forget about the bullies who pick on them. After watching her son being abused by others, Carmen Divan organized the day at the park to show her son he's not alone.

"The biggest issue I noticed was a lot of these situations that they were going through, there were no resolutions, so this is happening over and over again because nothing is being done about it, so as parents and a community we decided we would step up and do something for the kids," says organizer Carmen Divan.

The next get together will be on August 30th at Alpine Park. The group also hopes to host events after the school year starts.

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