Insurance Company Helps Tornado Victim

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Rockford (WIFR) -- Before any of the major clean-up happens, insurance adjusters have to help homeowners file claims and get them situated.

For over thirty years, Doug Fisher has lived in his home that is now severely damaged from Thursday's twister. That's where his insurance comes in, to help provide some relief during a difficult time.

Fisher has American Family Insurance, which has been working with him around the clock since tragedy struck. The company has found him living accommodations, surveyed the damage, and has started the initial phases with the claim process so they can start restoring the house. Fisher believes his home will have to be torn down, but his property claims adjuster, Steve Stachnik says they don't know at this point if it needs to be demolished.

“We deal with situations like this whether it’s a major storm, tornado, fire almost every day. There's some stuff that they lost in the house is irreplaceable, but the tangible things like their home and a lot of the personal property, they will be able to recover you know because they have the insurance,” says Stachnik.

“Waiting for what Steve and the boys from the insurance company determine, but there are an awful lot of cracks and walls that have moved. You know, it's in pretty tough shape. So, I would guess they'll probably end up tearing it down or replacing it,” says Fisher.

The next step to decide the fate of Fisher’s house will be when building inspectors and structural engineers come out to evaluate his home and make the proper determination.

Fisher says if his house has to be torn down that he will have it rebuilt in the same spot because he spent so many years living there with his now late wife.

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