Insurance Companies Seeing More Weather Related Accidents

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Insurance companies say they’re seeing a 20% jump in weather related claims.

Todd Liston is describing this winter as dangerous and destructive, especially since he’s fixing double the number of cars this year at Auto Body Specialists in Rockford.

“Every aspect of vehicle accidents has gone up from sliding off the road, which is definitely there. The snow banks are so high that people are not even able to see around the intersection, sometimes and they pull out and get hit that way,” said Liston.

Aside from car accidents, local mechanics say they’re running into another problem, finding enough car parts.

State Farm Insurance reports a 20% jump in their car insurance claims from December 2012 to the same time last year. That includes car accidents and roadside assistance from drivers sliding off the road.

“We’re seeing a lot more multiple vehicle accidents, a lot more accidents in the ditch and a lot more rollovers.”

Gwen Brooks says she’s filing about 3 claims a day, compared to 3 claims weekly last winter. With the winter weather taking such a toll on our cars and wallets, Liston says he hopes mother nature will slow down soon.

Liston says appointments at his shop are being pushed back about a month, due to so many weather-related accidents.

We’re also told the weather is slowing down the repair process since manufacturers are running low on parts due to so many weather related accidents. It’s also taking even longer for those parts to be delivered due to treacherous driving conditions.

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