Ideas For Transforming Rockford

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We're starting to get a better idea of how people want to "Transform Rockford."

This is a look at another visioning session for the Transform Rockford movement.

Several people gave their ideas for how they want to change their community. That includes bringing in more jobs and creating a unified sense of pride.

Organizers say there's been a lot of positive feedback. One facilitator says it's been amazing to see such a diverse group at every meeting so far.

"It's not always the same issues, we have had a lot of people say different things that haven't been brought to the table, so we're interested to see how this transforms Rockford," said Tretara Flowers.

Flowers say many people want to see more fresh locally grown foods to help promote healthy living. The next visioning session is Tuesday night at the Carlson Boys and Girls club in Machesney Park.

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