Hospital Fight Ends in Winnebago County Court

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WINNEBAGO COUNTY (WIFR) -- An emotional story involving a local elderly woman who's terminally ill and her daughter's fight to make sure she gets proper medical care.

Eighty-six-year-old Dolores Bedin of Rockford has been a pancreatic cancer patient at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago since September. Bedin tells me she doesn't feel well enough to go home.

In a rare move, the hospital brought the case to Winnebago County Court, asking Judge Gwyn Gulley to kick Bedin out and revoke Bedin's daughter Janet Bedin's power of attorney. Janet tells me she agreed to take her mom home Friday for fear of losing guardianship. She says this is not about money, but her mother's rights. Especially for a woman she says is competent.

Reporter's Note: I spoke to Dolores Bedin via telephone from her hospital room. When I asked her to write down my number, she mentioned she was blind and promised to remember the number instead. Sure enough, she passed along the information to her daughter Janet.

Below is a statement from Northwestern Memorial Hospital...

"Our first priority is to do what is right for our patients, whether it is in the outpatient or inpatient setting. Sometimes doing what is right expands beyond the clinical setting to include providing additional support services or access to long-term care or skilled nursing facilities for patients and their families or advocating on behalf of our patients in order to ensure they receive appropriate care outside of our hospital. Having to advocate on behalf of our patients in the courts is rare and it is only done after careful thought and team consultations. In the case of Mrs. Bedin, we have filed a petition to seek guardianship for the management of her immediate and long term care needs. Until the court responds, we are unable to comment any further."

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