Hononegah Changing Strategy in Event of School Shooting

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ROCKTON (WIFR) – With school shooting tragedies circulating the nation, schools are scrambling to come up with a solution. Now, one local school district is taking an active part in taking out school shooters.

Hononegah Chemistry Teacher Erica Rabrich is used to working with beakers and Bunsen burners, but today she has her hands on a gun taking on the role of a school shooter.

“Today was definitely a different experience. I’ve never held a gun, I’ve never seen a gun, especially in combat. It was just surreal. It was creepy. Nothing I ever want to experience again,” Rabrich said.

The training is a part of the ALICE program which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. It gives each person the choice to do what they believe is best to stay alive as opposed to the traditional style lockdown.

“When you look at the school shootings, they are planning and they are hitting their own school so we taught them our tactics, we taught them how we’re going to lockdown, we shut the lights off to make the room look empty. Everything that we have taught people in lockdown is making it easier for these knuckleheads for when they come in.”

Hononegah staff joined Rockton police and fire in five different physical training scenarios. The two-day course with ALICE training instructors gives those involved the knowledge to effectively train others in survival strategies during an active intruder situation."

"Like anything else that is safety related, we know that as administration that has to be the first call that we make is safety. No learning can take place, nothing else can really happen without it,” said Superintendent Lynn Gibson.

The Hononegah School District will start the new system this fall. They believe it will give students more options than to just hide underneath their desks.

District 207 will continue to train its staff with the ALICE program throughout the summer. When school starts back up in the fall, administration and teachers will train the students.

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