GMT Gang Linked to Several Crimes in Rockford

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- We may want to hold onto our cell phones and valuables a little tighter when we're out in public. Rockford police say a group of teens calling themselves the Get Money Team are responsible for several recent robberies.

"It's sad. You've got to watch what you do at all times and what you've got showing because they'll take your phone from you and that's sad," Amber Lovejoy, whose son and brother-in-law were robbed, said.

It was a simple walk through a playground that turned dangerous. In just seconds Amber and Matthew Lovejoy's son and his uncle became the victims of a mugging. Lovejoy says her brother-in-law and four-year-old son were walking through the playground at Haskell Elementary when a group of teens came up from behind them, pushed them, and stole their cell phone.

Police told the Lovejoy's the suspects are members of the GMT’s a newly formed gang in Rockford. Matthew's friend was also robbed, this time at gunpoint on his way work last week. The GMT’s took his phone, then robbed his house.

"They took his shoes, hats, TV, ps4, all that," Matthew Lovejoy said.

The GMT’s have made headlines before. Police say they're the same group behind a rash of carjacking’s last month and it hasn’t stopped there. Officers say members are responsible for several more car thefts, armed robberies, and home invasions.

Investigators believe there are about 35 people associated with the gang. About 15 have been arrested.

"Even though our offenders are relatively young it's very dangerous for anyone including the young people who are committing these crimes," Rockford Police Deputy Chief Dave Hopkins said.

The Lovejoy's son was not hurt during the attack last week, but Amber and Matthew know it could have ended differently.

The crimes involving members of the GMT's are happing all over the city. Police say the group is looking to take anything they can resell for cash.

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