UPDATE: Freeport Man Half Way Through Ten Days of Homelessness

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FREEPORT (WIFR) -- Those who are homeless constantly struggle to find a warm meal or a place to sleep. And for a Freeport man, he's in the half way through a ten day journey going homeless for awareness.

Since Monday, community activist Dean Wright has left work and set out to find a place to call home. We caught up with him as he headed back into the woods to his bed, consisting of a pallet and a few blankets he found. As for food, Wright was fortunate to get a meal from an area food pantry that his organization works so hard to stock. One of the biggest things Wright has learned along the way is how valuable all the little things are. Things that so many of us take for granted everyday.

"You have to be resourceful and I think a lot of the guys that are out there, that is probably their strength. Just their resourcefulness. They have figured out how they can survive out here and I am learning and have made some mistakes along the way," Wright said.

If you're interested in helping out the Freeport Area Church Cooperative will be having a lunch fundraiser on December 6. This is the organizations largest fundraiser and helps support the more then 100 individuals they reach out to every year.

For more information on the event call (815) 233-0435.

FREEPORT (WIFR) -- If you think it's cold outside, imagine spending every night outdoors. Some local families are forced to do just that, and for the next ten days a Freeport man will do the same to raise awareness for poverty.

Community activist Dean Wright will spend the entire time outside and plans to sleep in different spots around the city.

Wright said he is concerned about dropping temperatures and potential crime. If things start getting too dangerous he plans on staying at a shelter if there is a bed available. He will spend no more than $6.50 a day.

"I expect it to be cold," said Wright. "I seem to be increasingly fearing cold and hunger more than anything else. Surely there's a safety issue out there, but I'm really starting to fear that hunger and that cold.

Again, his journey begins tomorrow.

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