Fire Departments Sink Car for Training

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CANDLEWICK LAKE (WIFR) -- With so many rivers, lakes and ponds in the Stateline water rescues aren't uncommon. Now a brand new Dodge Dart sits at the bottom of Candlewick Lake but today’s sinking wasn't an accident. Several different fire departments and their families spread out across the marina to get a good view of the car that now sits rock bottom some 15 feet below the surface.

Two, 1,000 pound air bags held the car up while a jet ski took it to its final resting place on the other side of the lake. The compact sedan has been stripped of everything except for the frame since that is the only part water rescuers say they typically deal with. One lieutenant had hoped the day would go off without a hitch.

"The loading dock here was a little bit shallower than we were anticipating,” M.A.B.I.S. Water Rescue Team leader, Brian Harbison said. “It took a little extra ‘oomph’ to get it off the trailer but it went pretty smooth. It's an actual dodge dart vehicle that would typically be on the road today so we are very fortunate to have this training aid so when these vehicles are submerged in a time of rescue we're pretty familiar with the process."

The car will be used for live simulations water rescue services often encounter including trailer hook ups and side-sonar imaging. Lake officials do not have a date set for when the car will need to be removed, if at all this year.

This is the second vehicle drowning the M.A.B.I.S. Water Rescue Team has done. A 2015 Jeep Patriot is sitting at the bottom of the quarry on Sandy Hallow Road for training purposes as well.

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