Deadline for Illinois Budget Approaching

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- We're less than a week away from the Illinois budget deadline and lawmakers are currently sitting at a stalemate.

The deadline for lawmakers to pass the state budget is May 31st. Illinois Democrats say they're working to pass a budget independently of the GOP. State Republicans believe the budget that Democrats pass won't be balanced.

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner says he doesn't want to work on a final budget until the jobs reforms are in place. Republican State Senator Dave Syverson says if this year's budget is unbalanced like in 2014 that Governor Rauner will veto it, sending lawmakers into an overtime session in June. Democratic State Senator Steve Stadelman says in the past that budget agreements have come together pretty quickly and says it could happen again.

“I think we have a ways to go, but I mean that's the goal in mind that we can finally find some middle ground. People need to compromise and look to reach an agreement in the final few days here,” says Stadelman.

“We have to have a true balanced budget and that means making cuts where it's not popular, but where you have to do that and then second, after you fix the job climate issue, you look a head into putting some temporary revenues back on and that will give you a true balanced budget,” says Syverson.

Governor Rauner has already proposed a $31.5 billion budget. It includes a $1.5 billion dollar cut to Medicaid and a nearly $400 million cut to higher education.

If lawmakers don't pass a budget by the May 31st deadline, it will require "yes" votes from three-fifths of each chamber, rather than a majority.

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