Couple Uses Makeover House in Lena to Help Homeless Teens

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LENA (WIFR) -- A Stephenson County couple opens their home to teen moms who have nowhere else to go and it is no ordinary home.

Dennis and Mirabel Harvey bought their home in Lena earlier this year. It was featured on the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition back in 2009. The couple bought the home with the intention of welcoming pregnant homeless teens. The Harveys are calling their new place The Doors Open Wide House. Their house will have room for 3 to 4 young mothers at a time.

“Our goal is to actually bring the family together if we can and if we can't, we're going to support the girls for as long as we need to,” says Mirabel Harvey. “We’re not going to put them through their pregnancy and kick them out. We are going to try and support but we do want to strengthen and teach them how to live a health life with their babies.”

It sits on 12 acres of land and the Harveys hope to turn their homestead into a working farm to teach the teens about caring for animals to prepare them to care for a new baby.

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