Concussion Concerns Among Soccer Players

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STATELINE (WIFR) – As World Cup fever sets in, local doctors say soccer is the second most dangerous sport for concussions.

“It’s a traumatic brain injury, it’s a mild traumatic brain injury but nonetheless there is damage and the brain remembers that damage and the damage will always be there.”

Dr. Jeffery Royce says many parents and athletes don’t realize the long term effects of multiple concussions. That’s why he started the concussion care center at Swedes two years ago.

15-year-old Max Rukhaberlen has suffered three concussions in the last three years. He says he had to choose between his health and a sport he loves.

"Yeah, it does make you second guess when you're playing the sport of doing stuff you're like “Oh am I going to get another one if I do this?” and it makes it harder to play sports and school too,” said Rukhaberlan.

Dr. Royce says after more than four concussions a player will start to see more serious damage which could affect their attention and memory.

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