ComEd Project Could Bring Hundreds of Jobs to Northern Illinois

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- More jobs are expected to come to the Stateline thanks to a multi-million dollar project that’s also expected to keep our lights on during storms.

ComEd is planning to develop six microgrids around the Rockford region, including at the Chicago Rockford International Airport. It’s a project that would employ 300-400 people over the next few years.

The microgrids strengthen the reliability of the main grid, meaning we’re more likely to have electricity during extreme weather or an emergency.

If you lose large portions of the big power grid, you still have critical infrastructure. In our mind, it’s hospitals, it’s water, transportation, emergency response, you still have those pockets of critical infrastructure that are up and running,” says ComEd President and CEO Pramaggiore.

“Chicago Rockford International Airport is part of an international, truly, airsystem. It’s vital to our country. So ComEd identifying it as a potential site for a microgrid means this is a critical piece of national important infrastructure that has to stay up no matter what,” says Rockford Mayor Larry Morrissey (I).

ComEd has a piece of legislation pending in Springfield right now. The microgrid project will cost between $30-$40 million dollars, funded by ComEd.

ComEd CEO says that over a 10-year period, the project has zero impact on customer rates.

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