Catching Up with Emily Bear

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- She doesn't call herself a prodigy, but what 14-year-old pianist Emily Bear has done in her short musical career is nothing short of spectacular.

"The music is in her heart and inside of her and it's never stopped. If anything its stronger than ever," Andrea Bear, Emily’s mom said.

"One in a million is not exaggerating. Maybe one in a hundred-million might even be more accurate," Rockford Symphony Orchestra Conductor Steve Larsen, said.

It seems like just yesterday when she stole our hearts as a six-year-old on the Ellen show. Now Rockford's Emily Bear is all grown up.

"It just led one thing to another and now I just really can't imagine my life without it," Emily said.

The 14-year-old is taking her talents around the world, one of her favorite events is Art on Ice in Zurich, Switzerland. Some of her other favorite destinations have been a little closer to home.

"The White House is pretty cool and Carnegie Hall is pretty cool," Emily said.

"Walking in the front door of the White House and seeing Emily bounce in and out of all the different color rooms, the green room, the blue room. That was pretty incredible," Andrea said.

Whether it’s on a stage in front of a sold out crowd of thousands, or in her living room, Emily continues to amaze.

"Unlike other pianists who are a picture of concentration when they play and they concentrate on what they're playing, Emily will be playing and look around to the orchestra and smile at somebody and listen to what somebody is playing over to the side and that's extraordinary. It’s like wow, did you just see what she did!" Larsen said.

While she makes it look effortless, Emily logs countless hours striking the keys, making sure each note sounds perfect.

"It’s the super little details that are so miniscule that when you put it all together it makes a huge difference. I put in quite a few hours a day but it’s not just drilling which keeps it fun for me," Emily said.

Emily is more than just a pianist she's also composed her own songs for symphonies, commercials, and even films.

"I just love how people feel when I hear a moving piece of music or when you're film scoring how you can translate the emotion from the music to the picture or the picture to the music,” she said.

She's been writing music as long as she's been playing, since she was just three years old.

Emily performed one of her pieces, The Bravest Journey, with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra in front of thousands of people, including former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell.

She's released six CD's of original music with the most recent produced by music legend Quincy Jones.

"It's definitely amazing. He's worked with everybody and you know if there's anybody. He's one of my closest mentors and he's just an incredible person," Emily said.

Emily has a bright future ahead of her with new opportunities constantly coming her way...

"I can't predict anything, but I know it will be something or somewhere in the music business."

Emily is playing with the Rockford Symphony Orchestra on April 30th at the Coronado. One of the pieces she's playing will be her own. She's also playing a concerto she's been practicing for almost year.

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