UPDATE: Re-zoning Promising for Fairdale

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UPDATE: FAIRDALE (WIFR) -- Before tornado victims can start their rebuilding in Fairdale, there is one important question that needs to be answered -- what to do about the septic systems.

DeKalb Board Members met in Sycamore with officials from the Health Department and Long Term Relief Committee to discuss the future of Fairdale. The county says they evaluated six different options in regards to the septic system and will finalize a decision next month. The dilemma is deciding between shared or individual tanks.

"Probably the least likely because of maintenance cost would be the community septic. The most likely is going to be a self-contained mechanical system that's allowed on your property with minimal space," says Tracy Jones, DeKalb County Vice Chairman.

On the topic of re-zoning, Jones says zoning the town as mixed-use instead of agriculture development would put an end to the requirement for residents to purchase a minimum 40 acres of land.

FAIRDALE (WIFR) – Heartache continues in Fairdale as some families learn they might not get help rebuilding.

April’s twisters destroyed dozens of homes across the Stateline, turning lives upside down and now some families may be left with only the foundation.

Some families who a want to replace the homes they lost, are now being told that may not be a possibility because of something that is totally out of their control.

Fairdale was built when there weren’t any zoning restrictions. County officials are now learning sewage tanks would be too close in proximity to well piping and also say new codes would require properties to be purchased with a minimum 40-acres of land which would then create set-back violations for property, road, and back lines.

“The lot sizes might not be large enough under current code to accommodate the septic and well system on that lot. Maybe the house is gone, the foundation might still be there, but the foundation may not be fit or up to code for the family to build that same blueprint of where their home was,” says Kirkland Village Clerk, Terri D’Amato.

The Long Term Relief Committee completed initial interviews at a town meeting Saturday morning.
Of the 87 people asked, 47 say they want to rebuild in Fairdale, nine say they plan on moving, eleven were not sure. The other 20 were renters with no say. Regardless of where people choose to live, they’ll have to settle or renegotiate their mortgage debts before the county can help.

County board members will be meeting with sewage, zoning, and building experts in Sycamore tomorrow morning. Six option combinations are on the table for discussion.

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