Bankruptcy Help Desk to Help Debtors

ROCKFORD (WIFR) -- Filing for bankruptcy can be an overwhelming experience and at times those filing say they feel lost but there's help on the way.

Now the Rockford western division bankruptcy court will operate a help desk for those who need a little guidance on chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings. As many as 270 bankruptcy cases are filed in the western division, most of them chapter 7. According to judges a lot of people don't understand the basics of filing and have trouble with their cases.

"You really need to talk to a lawyer. Many times people just don't know what they have to do and what's expected of them or what the process involves,says Judge Tom Lynch. "That's where this really is just a terrific tool for people considering bankruptcy."

The help desk will be at the federal court house on Monday's from one to four with an appointment.

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