Auto Theft Thwarted by GPS Technology

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – Auto thefts have been an increasing problem in Rockford, but new technology is making recovery of these cars more efficient than ever.

“We can locate the car within minutes. This whole incident took about 25 minutes and we had our car recovered. We can get a human on the phone and we can find the vehicle and shut it down with safety,” said Tony Arbisi, General Manager of Hyundai on Perryville.

A new car being stolen from the Hyundai lot on Perryville was caught on camera. By using Blue Link, Hyundai’s car locator service, the dealer was able to work with police to quickly track the vehicle and stop it, locking the suspect, 57-year-old Leon Ashmore inside until police could safely arrest him, all within 25 minutes.

According to Arbisi, services similar to Blue Link are now becoming a standard feature with many automakers.

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