Alignment Rockford Starts Sophomore Site Visits

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – A local business teaches high school students the sky is the limit and it could have an influence in Rockford for years to come.

This morning, the Larson & Darby group welcomed East High School. Alignment Rockford works with local public schools to schedule sophomore site visits. This year, more than 60 local businesses will get involved. Students receive hands on training and take instruction from local architects and engineers. Alignment Rockford says everyone involved with the program benefits from it.

“The students can really put two and two together on why they need to learn what they’re learning in the classroom and n then they can make those connections as well so hopefully moving forward, they’ll want to move back and live in Rockford and help Rockford grow,” says Katy Haun with Alignment Rockford.

Alignment Rockford says they expect over 150 businesses at the Academy Expo this year.

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