Over the Counter DNA Kits to Be Released Friday

Starting Friday Walgreens will become the first U.S. retailer to sell test kits for $30 dollars. Other companies sell DNA test kits online but pathways is the first to do so in stores.

The FDA says all DNA test kits come under its jurisdiction and without approval, pathways could face legal trouble. The kits promise customers information about their risk for developing diseases and passing conditions to their unborn children. Buyers get vials in which they can send their saliva to pathway.

"Essentially show people telling them they are going to get something but something they should be aware of to make better life style decisions." said Jim Woodman, VP Pathway Genomics.

The cost of getting a detailed report assessing your genes could run between $79 to $249 dollars, and if that information is bad, the company promises counselors will be available on the phone at no additional cost.

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