Speed Limit Increase A Possibility

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Imagine going 70 miles an hour on the interstate.

"I'd love it. Faster, yep definetly," one driver said.

"People are already going that if not more," another said.

That could be a reality if lawmakers pass a proposal to increase the speed limit from 65 to 70 miles per hour on some interstates, highways, and expressways outside of Chicago for trucks and cars.

Some drivers said a speed limit increase will get them places faster, and truckers like the idea, too.

"The speed limit should be the same for cars and trucks. It's safer to me if everyone's runnin' the same speed."

However that increase in speed also uses more fuel. AAA reps said AAA is highly opposed to the proposal because of safety concerns.

"So while people say it's only 5 miles per hour, the roads are not designed to go that fast. The geometrics and curves of the road are not designed for people to go faster than 70."

AAA also opposes the proposal because state budget cuts will affect state police officers ability to patrol. They also oppose it because it comes on the heels of a speed increase for trucks allowing them to travel at 65 instead of 55. Some drivers agree trucks should stay at 65.

"I don't think they need to go any faster."

AAA is talking with legislators to prevent the increase. Reps say if you oppose the idea, contact you local state representative and voice your opinion.

The proposal still has to be approved by the full senate.

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