New Device Helps Cure Skin Cancer

Researchers in britain say they've found a way to cure skin cancer... and it doesn't involve scapels or leave scarring.

it's called 'Ambulight'. and uses a special cream and bandage with a light on top... that has the power to kill skin cancer.

Here's how it works... the cream is only absorbed by cancer cells not the healthy ones, a few hours later the bandage with the special light is applied converting the cream into a cancer-killing drug.

The treatment is not available in the U.S. but doctors here say it is an interesting development but urge caution.

"If this is done at home then there would be some safety issues to look into that may be involved, but certainly if it's less painful it would be an advantage." said Dr. Vincent Deleo, Chairman of Dermatology at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital and Beth Israel Medical Center.

This treatment is supposed to be cheaper than how skin cancer is cared for now since patients wouldn't have to see a doctor as often. Developers hope to bring it to the U.S. once it's distributed to hospitals across the U.K.

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