Beauty Industry Remains Picture Perfect In Recession

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The recession has affected all of us in some way, from job loss to spending cutbacks many of us are thinking twice before pulling out our wallets. Yet, when it comes to looking beautiful, most of us don't think twice about footing the bill for this indulgence.

"I know that I haven't heard of one hair salon that has laid off their employees. The jobs are there, the opportunities, the careers are there." Mario Tricoci, founder and creator of the Tricoci University Beauty Culture in Rockford says the industry that's designed to keep us looking beautiful, has yet to feel the ugly effects of our weak economy. This appeal of job security is what motivated college student Lisa Day to alter her career plans from psychology, in favor of becoming an aesthetics student.

Day says, "I do have several friends with degrees and they're not finding the jobs they want. My brother-in-law graduated from a big 10 school and he still can't find a job." Day now spends her days performing skin therapy hoping to help smooth out many of her clients financial worries.

"When you have a guest lying here they're opening up to you, and telling you a little bit about their life. All you can do is give them advice, and tell them you understand to make it go away for 45 minutes."

"I've always liked to do hair, my stylist that use to do my hair for several,several years she would kind of get my fire going about it," says Kristine Martindale. The recession has also caused Martindale a former stay at home mom to make her mark in the beauty industry.

Mr. Tricoci says, "At the end of the day we make people look good. So if people look good, they feel good. So it's much more easier to go out and get a new job."

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture (TUBC) is located at 5485 East State Street in Rockford. The location offers hair cuts and styling, highlights and coloring, and more. Campuses offering aesthetics programs offer facials, waxing, peels, body treatment and other spa features. All the services provided by students are under the supervision of licensed instructors.

For available services, to make an appointment or register at Tricoci University Beauty Culture, please visit

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