Neighborhood Reaction

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The family of Derrick Shareef say they had no idea he was involved in such extremism. I spoke with his mother Marie Schultz of Genoa this evening and she says she didn't find out about today's arrest until the media started contacting her.

This is where the Schultz family live. In the Country Creek Community, which neighbors describe as close-knit and filled with mostly retired families.

Neighbors say they don't know very much about Shareef since he only lived in Genoa for a short while before moving to Rockford. Now his mother says Shareef is from her first marriage and he spent most of his childhood in California.

It wasn't until recently Shareef converted to the Nation of Islam, which Schultz claims, "he didn't know what he was getting himself into."

Shareef's father currently lives in California and is also a member of the Nation of Islam.