WIFR-TV23 Off the Air

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A devasting storm leveled the transmission tower at WIFR-TV23, knocking the CBS affiliate off the air. WIFR Chief Meteorologist Mark Strehl says straight line winds with speeds around 80 miles an hour blew through around 4:30 Saturday morning.

The winds leveled the 731 foot tower located at WIFR-TV23. WIFR-TV Chief Engineer Mark Olson is working with Insight Communications in Rockford attempting to establish a signal with Rockford Insight cable subscribers within the next 48 hours.

Olson says it will be at least a week before a signal can be reestablished to other cable providers or over the air viewers.

23WIFR asks for your patience as we work diligently to get our local news and CBS programming back on the air as soon as possible. We also ask that people not come out to look at the downed tower.

There are power lines, cables and tree limbs that make the current situation dangerous.