New DUI Law Goes into Effect

Two DUI’S and a near death experience are why Drew Dorgan does not drink and drive.

“We were going 150 mile an hour and the road curved so we went straight and hit a mail box telephone pole and trees."

In April, Dorgan was nearly killed when riding in a car that was involved in an alcohol related crash...

"I wasn't even driving that time but it's just getting into a car with someone drinking". says Dorgan

Now as the count-down approaches, its different bars and a stiffer penalty that Illinois law enforcement hope will prevent future stories like Dorgan's.

“What goes into effect tonight is the change in the law requiring that a first time conviction for DUI offenders to have a "BAID" device." says Winnebago County Sheriff's Department Sergeant , Stephen Depauw.

First time offenders are required to blow into a interlock device. The car won't start unless the blood alcohol level is under .08.The offender would also have to blow periodically while driving.

“This is all designed to discourage individuals from abusing alcohol and getting behind the wheel of a car .".Says States Attorney, Joe Bruscatto

The device keeps track of a driver's blood alcohol level and reports it to the secretary of state's office for further penalties. Dorgan say it's more of the embarrassment then the punishment that will prevent others from driving under the influence.

" It's very embarrassing to have to get into a car and blow into a breath Breathalyzer , I'm sure people will not drink and drive just knowing that they have to blow."

As we approach midnight Dorgan says he hopes others will learn from his mistakes and count on a designated driver before counting down the New Year.