Local Woman Threatened in Ferguson Mix-Up

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ROCKFORD (WIFR) – The Ferguson, Missouri case hits the Stateline after a Rockford woman receives threats.

A New York Times journalist recently reported the address of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson and now, a Rockford woman with a similar name is receiving death threats.
She’s received more than two dozen calls since last night.

Julie Bosma is an executive director for a non-profit in Rockford. Julie Bosman is a reporter for the New York Times. Some people have the two women confused.

“Look over your shoulder, keep watching your back.”

“You ain’t worth the paper you write on.”

“You’re the scumbag.”

Bosma started getting threats on her home phone Tuesday night, a day after Julie Bosman and another New York Times journalist published the street and city where Darren Wilson, the Ferguson, Missouri officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, lives.

“I think that was very irresponsible of her to post that information, I really do and I think what’s also unfortunate is I’m seeing other addresses to there so this just isn’t happening to me,” said Bosma.

Bosma’s address and phone number have gone viral.

“We started looking and we just typed in my name spelled wrong with my address and all of these websites started coming up, from gun owners to Corvette owners.

The controversial Times article now has Rockford Police involved.

“He sat outside a while in his squad car, I could hear him come by a couple of times during the night.”

Bosma received more than 30 calls in less than 24 hours, including a call from a number listed to the Chrysler Group.

We decided to call some of those who left messages back, but didn’t receive an answer.

Bosma hopes the mix-up blows over.

In the meantime, she’s sending a message to the social media world.

“People need to be responsible on social media. If you don’t know that information firsthand, if you’ve never met Julie Bosman and you know where she lives, please don’t put that information on the internet. It hurts innocent people.”

Bosma says she may even leave her house since she’s concerned about her safety.

The reporter, Julie Bosman, works out of Chicago and covers the Midwest region for the times. It looks like she lives in the Chicago area, so that could’ve led some people to confuse the two.

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