Risky Business

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Adult businesses in Rockford come under fire during a committee meeting Thursday night. City Aldermen propose new restrictions that include how late these businesses stay open and what they display in their windows.

Eleventh Ward Alderman Jeff Holt says drugs and prostitution in his district are a problem. A problem, he says, that may improve if adult businesses in that area are regulated. But those business owners say there is no correlation with crime and the shops they run.

The debate at times grew heated as adult business owners in Rockford say they're being treated unfair because of a proposal that would require these businesses to get an additional license with the city - that would require them to follow guidelines or else face fines or be shut down.

Rob Smith owns Chantilly Lace on Seventh Street. He argues that his window front looks no different than Victoria's Secret. And once inside, Smith says the similarity is still there.

But what is different is that live girls are modeling the lingerie into the early morning hours. That is something police and aldermen say only causes trouble.

Now before anything chances the committee will have to make its recommendations to the full board - and then the board would have to vote on the matter.