Winnebago Conceal Carry

Imagine yourself in a gas station. While you're there two men come in and rob the store. Would you be safer if you were carrying a concealed weapon? Some Winnebago County board members think so and they're trying to go against state law by making conceal carry legal in their county. On Tuesday night they held a public meeting to get some feedback from their constituants. "I've got a cell phone will get me 911 and help in fifteen to thirty minutes, I've got an attacker two seconds away. What do you expect me to do?" says Ron Schwartz. "We all know when you carry a gun, too often people get shot because somebody got mad at so and so and went 'bang.'" adds Butch North. Mr. North wasn't the only man espousing the view that carrying a gun can put you in a worse situation should you be assaulted. "Having been a victim of a strong arm robbery I know what can happen in a situation like that, but had I been carrying a gun there's no question in my mind that I would have been killed." says Tim Hughes. But conceal carry supporters will tell you that no one is making you carry a concealed weapon, they just want the right to do it themselves. "Now there's only two states that do not have conceal carry...Illinois and Wisconsin. Something's gotta be wrong when only two states don't." says Winnebago County board member Doug Aurand. Winnebago County Sherif Dick Meyers says he doesn't have the authority to issue conceal carry permits because it's contrary to state law, but advocates for conceal carry say that Illinois doesn't have the authority to bend the second amendment.