What America Eats

Parade Magazine just came out with 'What America Eats' it shows that families who eat together tend to be healthier then those who don't.

Surprisingly, about 80% of those polled said eating together as a family at least a few times a week is a regular part of their lives and most of those dinners are greener home cooked meals instead of take out which for kids is helping out a lot more then just their health.

"Teenagers that come from families where family dinners are a normal part of their life, those teens tend to do lots better in school, are less likely to suffer from depression, and in fact are like much more less likely to be overweight."

Another fun survey fact, if we got the chance to have a real life chef come into our homes and cook the majority voted to have Rachel Ray whip something up.

Other survey highlights:

Which statement best describes the participants in your typical Family Dinner?

72% Traditional family dinner with spouse/partner, parents and/or children

11 Extended family including other family members and/or close friends

6 Alternative family consisting of friends and other non-related family

12 I never participate in any family dinners

Where do your family dinners most often take place?

87% My home

12 Someone else’s home

11 Family restaurant (Olive Garden, Outback)

9 Local neighborhood restaurant

5 Fast food restaurant (McDonald’s, KFC)

When does your family get together for dinner?

61% On a regular basis

32 Whenever we can arrange to be together

25 For special occasions or holidays

15 When relatives or friends come to visit

How often do you sit down to a family dinner?

26% Every night

34 Most nights

18 A few times a week

6 Once a week

5 Two or three times a month`

2 Once a month

5 Every few months

2 Once or twice a year

1 Less than once a year

Which best represents your attitude toward your family dinner?

69% I enjoy our family dinner and look forward to it

23 I wish we could do it more often

22 It’s a tradition that takes place without question

4 I wish we didn’t have to do it so often

Which best describes the kind of food at your family dinners?

87% Home-cooked

6 Thrown together from whatever’s in the fridge

5 Restaurant take-out

1 Supermarket prepared meal

What do you usually talk about at the dinner table?

81% Just chat about our day

54 School or Work

47 Family or neighborhood gossip

43 Our favorite TV shows or movies

38 Current events/Politics

21 Religion or spiritual topics

7 We don’t talk very much

Which television brood would you most like to join for a family dinner?

29% The friends from Friends
24 The Brady Bunch
15 The Simpsons
13 The Sopranos
9 The Addams Family
7 The Costanzas from Seinfeld

Which fictional chef/cook would you want to cook your family dinner?

45% Alice from The Brady Bunch
25 Monica Geller from Friends
16 Artie Bucco from The Sopranos
9 Chef from South Park
4 Johnny Drama from Entourage

Which real-life chef would you want to cook your family dinner?

37% Rachael Ray
30 Emeril Lagasse
12 Wolfgang Puck
12 Martha Stewart
9 Gordon Ramsay of Hell’s Kitchen

If all of the foods listed below were low in calories and high in nutrition, which one would you eat most often?

26% Pizza

20 Chinese food

14 Fried chicken

10 Fast food burger

9 Deli sandwich/wrap

6 Candy/Sweets
5 Garden salad

5 Fruit and nuts

3 Soup

3 Hot dog with the works

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